Face recognition powered door control system

Neural networks powered face recognition system combined with electronic appliance empowers you to control who can or can not pass thru office door. Fast response time (<1s) delivers a friction-less approach without need to stop and touch control unit with RFID cards or your finger providing security in door control to the enterprise without physical credentials used in environment.

System can easily be implemented in any environment and consists of: software solution with API interfaces for integration with other systems, hardware that is used to control opening of doors and standard security IP cameras (two per door for entrance and exit control).

Support for indoor and outdoor applications independent of ambient light from total darkness to full sunlight. Simultaneous multi-face tracking ensuring that all entrance and exits are logged in.

Automatic self-learning mechanism to improve results. After initial setup system periodically takes images of recognized persons to trigger self-learning mechanism in order to improve performance and accuracy.

System is fully GDPR complaint since no videos or photos are stored in system during recognition process since whole process is done on stream in real-time.