Quick rollout of new offerings on market results in Increasing profitability and possibility to create unique features. Non technical, marketing, persons need to have possibility to create new offerings.

PPC offers possibility to quickly roll out new prepaid offerings without need to write RFCs for billing operations. Offer tariffs as vouchers, create custom promotions,...

Prepaid promotions

Handling of prepaid promotions and their parameters is becoming more and more demanding task. Application helps you to handle promotions in easier way with support of copy/paste functionality in graphical UI that enables marketing people to handle complete workflow of implementation of promotions, setting all rules (business and technical) and rolling it live into production across different sales and promotions channels simultaneously and without problems.

Online topup and voucher distribution system

Solution that enables you to handle voucher distribution from single point. Handling of online topups and voucher codes is easy and completely secure. Voucher codes can be used to topup prepaid account or for direct sales of tariffs if solutions is integrated with our PPC application where you can offer tariffs as vouchers and make the differentiation on the market.