Flexibility to create offers across different channels with different messaging strategies and different rules. Creating product offers for postpaid customers with PAN is easy and straightforward. Biggest concern is to create right communication strategy.

Postpaid promotions

Handling of postpaid promotions and their parameters is becoming more and more demanding task. Application helps you to handle promotions in easier way with support of copy/paste functionality in graphical UI that enables marketing people to handle complete workflow of implementation of promotions, setting all rules (business and technical) and rolling it live into production across different sales and promotions channels simultaneously and without problems.


Tariff catalog offers possibility to manage tariff offerings across different sales channels without need to change front-end applications. This is command center for handling of tariff offerings developed, having in mind, that it should be used by marketing persons. Graphical UI provides easy to use and manage interface that will enable you to change offerings with ease enabling fast deployment times.