AIWS - business layer integration for telecoms

Integrate new application and sales channels and make full technical and business integrations with high level APIs. Cut time-to-market and accelerate innovation since you do not need to redevelop things.

While most software companies focus on the front-end experience and apps, AIWS addresses the challenges of the integration of new applications into telecom business and technical processes.

This platform is designed by having in mind need to have possibility to migrate old systems to new micro-services platform. It enables you to setup system where you can migrate from old way of thinking and developing applications and systems to micro-services designed architecture without need to have freeze periods in development of new features. By doing this you can cut time-to-market and accelerate innovation since you do not need to redevelop all existing services but just smartly migrate them to new architecture. All old services continue to exist until rewritten when time is right, but in same time all new services are developed as micro services.

Business systems provisioning

Provisioning platform built having in mind that not only network provisioning is needed, usually business systems provisioning is something that needs to be done before that. There is the place for our business systems provisioning platform that enables you to provision all business systems from one point and that is fully integrated with our business layer integration for telecoms platform. This package assures that your infrastructure if future proof and that all prerequisites for digital transformation of your company are in place. Complete solutions is developed having in mind fully automatizes processes that are enabled to be connected with different applications and that will provide easy path for implementation of new services in telecom markets.

mobile number portability provisioning

Mobile number related processes require specific rules how are handled. Solution covers not only migration requests but also complete set of additional functionalities related to provisioning of network elements needed to route calls for all migrated numbers within one country.