Inventory management

Handle standard inventory management processes in company from your phone. Send and order goods from stock and send them from one to another warehouse, make inventory lists of goods in warehouses and do it simultaneously with almost unlimited number of phones, track departure and return of vehicles.

Smartphones are used in combination with barcode scanners (standard ones) as handheld computers that can speed up your inventory handling processes few times when compared with standard solutions. No need to change export files to be imported in ERP systems since you will get prepared exports that can be directly synced with ERP databases.

Field teams management

Organize your teams and track their tasks on field. Application handles complete employee management from organization of tasks with clients by dispatchers, verifies if time travel between tasks and their locations, sends notifications to clients in morning and 15 minutes before defined time with location of team and their estimated arrival time, provides complete integration with Google maps for navigation between tasks and gives overview of all teams on map with status of current tasks with one click communication from application via phone call or messenger.

mobile sales tool

Easy to use mobile interface

Designed for telecom operators

Secure connection with multiple security layers

  • active email account from phone is used for authentication

  • email account needs to be authorised to use application

  • https communication

  • MSISDN verification + fingerprint login/PIN login

Can be used in residential and business sales processes

Full set of sales tool features is supported including digital signature

Acts as add-on to existing sales tool to expand possible use-cases

Provides additional interface where transaction can be prepared and then finished in standard sales tool

Use case 1: shop

  1. offload salesman at counter with few mobile workers that can walk with smartphone or tablet and talk with customer and prepare contracts

  2. when all is prepared salesman at counter enters IMEI (and ICCID if new customer) and prints contract

Use case 2: shop

  1. offload salesman at counter with few mobile workers that can change SIM or tariff directly while talking with customers from smartphone or tablet with mRT

Use case 3: business sales

  1. salesman (KAM) can make complete contract at clients office, give him generated contract and send request for completion to sales backoffice

  2. backoffice completes contract by entering IMEI (and ICCID if new customer) and prints contract (if needed)