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Aduro Idea

Yesterday's weirdness
is tomorrow's reason why.

(from Hunter S. Thompson, The Curse of Lono)

 About Us

Software solutions for telecom industry. Established by former telecom employees from marketing and IT departments (experience in mobile and fixed telco operators) in 2007. More than one decade of experience in the mobile industry. 
Currently having customers in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

Telecom specialist consultancy, BSS System integration,
Product development partnership, Product deployment partnership, 24/7 support and maintenance at industry level SLAs

High volume data processing, 
Real-time systems, 
POS and selfcare tools for telecom operators, 
Provisioning systems,
Simbox fraud detection systems

Contact Us

Aduro Ideja d.o.o.
Gjure Prejca 5
HR - 10040 Zagreb

OIB: 99145666903
fax: +38512950592